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New book by our Congressman

Congressman Troy Nehls has a new book out. He is tackling the issue of our wide open border.

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Here is my quick review of the book:

“Borderless by Design” is a compelling follow-up to Congressman Troy Nehls  first book, further cementing his reputation as an insightful and provocative writer. In this work, Troy leverages his unique position as a member of the judiciary committee and his firsthand experiences at the border to dissect the multifarious aspects of border issues in the United States.

One of the book’s most commendable qualities is its depth of coverage. Troy does not merely skim the surface but delves into the history, economics, crime, and politics associated with the border. His analysis is enriched by his insider perspective, offering readers a rare glimpse into the inner workings of border-related policies and their implications.

Troy’s narrative is both informative and eye-opening, aimed at unveiling the realities behind the current border crisis. He articulates complex ideas with clarity, making the book accessible to a broad audience. His arguments are underscored by a wealth of information and experiences, providing a solid foundation for his viewpoints.

“Borderless by Design” is a significant contribution to the ongoing conversation about border policy in the United States. It challenges readers to consider the complexities of the border crisis beyond mainstream narratives. For those interested in understanding the deeper dynamics at play and the reasons behind current policies, Troy’s book is an enlightening and thought-provoking read.

In summary, “Borderless by Design” is a robust and informative piece, rich with personal insights and detailed analysis. While it presents a viewpoint that may not resonate with everyone, its depth and clarity make it a valuable resource for anyone looking to understand the intricate realities of the U.S. border and its governance.

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